Dear little happy bananas,

I've decided to begin a wonderful, amazing, delightful little newsletter so that you, my readers and friends, can see what is going on with me, my little books, and my little giveaways faster than anyone else! I promise never to send you more than 2 emails a month (unless something insanely, amazingly incredible happens!), and I promise to give you something COOL. Tips about publishing, advice about how to get through first drafts, how to submit to agents, how to edit—and all the little things that work for me, and might work for you (plus so much more!). 

This whole publishing ride is a journey! It's about good art, living a healthy, happy life, and a safe place where we can celebrate great books, great music, great people and great art. I would love to share the journey with you. 

If you think this kind of thing might be fun, then do subscribe! M promise to you is to bring truth, authenticity, fun, and useful things that you can use and implement in your life. 

Plus, you get to know me a little more! 

Peace out, little friends!


P.S You can find out more about me here:
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